Ceramic Kitchens

Montana Kitchens is always seeking out new materials for kitchens and a recent partner for us is Laminam. Laminam is an ultra-thin porcelain ceramic material designed for cladding surfaces. It can be used to cover kitchen cabinets, countertops, walls and floors. It’s ideal for anyone who loves ceramic kitchens from ceramic kitchen cabinets to worktops. With the popular movement in industrial style interiors and warehouse loft conversions, consumers are searching for rawer natural surfaces and thus ceramic kitchens are gaining in popularity and so is this wonderful Laminam material.

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Laminam Materials for Ceramic Kitchens

Laminam has created an ultra-thin ceramic cladding which can be used to surface kitchen cabinet doors, work surfaces, floors, walls and even building exteriors. There are 14 collections which comprise of 108 surfaces. You certainly have a wide choice of colours, textures and finishes. From metal touches to shimmering hues and natural cues, there is something to fall in love with.

Benefits of Ceramic Kitchens

Ceramic clad kitchens have many benefits. Firstly, they look amazing and super stylish. You also reap the rewards of this being a robust material which is resistant to staining and easy to clean which is essential for a kitchen. It is also environmentally friendly because the slabs are created from natural materials. For more information about this amazing material, contact Montana Kitchens today.

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