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Blanco EVOL-S Pro Semi-Professional Tap

The Blanco EVOL-S Pro Semi-Professional Tap ticks a lot of boxes. It’s safe, innovative and aesthetically pleasing. The boiling and filtered water tap combination make your life easier. It provides the exact amount of hot water or filtered water you need at the touch of a button. Many of our clients have families, and while they like the idea of instant boiling water, they worry about safety. Once we have shown our clients the Blanco EVOL-S Pro Semi-Professional Tap, they are put at ease and appreciate the multiple benefits. It’s a 4-in-1 boiling and 4-in-1 filter water tap. Key features include a measuring function, multi-stage filtration, a touch-safe spout, intuitive safety controls and a strong titanium boiler. Let’s take a look at these benefits in more detail.

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Blanco EVOL-S Pro Semi-Professional Tap Benefits

Its contemporary mixer tap design in stainless PVD steel finish doesn’t show fingerprints. Standard hot and cold water is delivered through the top spout. Or you can use the flexible spout with a dual spray control nozzle. On other tap models, the pull-out spout has a section that sits under the sink unit. It has a weight, and when you pull down, the weight can sometimes get caught on the plumbing under the sink. The

Blanco tap avoids this problem because the spout is fixed yet flexible so that you can move it around freely. Simply put back the flexible spout in place after use with the magnetic mount. Standard water is operated from the mixing lever on the right.

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Underneath the stainless-steel tap spout is a black safe-to-touch insulated spout. The boiling hot water and cold filtered water are dispensed through this. To the left is the rotary dial and initiative touch control that allows you to set the volume of water. The 100⁰C water is delivered from a Titanium 4-litre hygienic hot water tank that is taste-free. The tank is made from less corrosive material than other materials available. Our clients appreciate that hot water is delivered instantly but without spraying for safety.

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Both boiling and cool water are processed through Blanco’s BWT five-stage filter system for purity. The filtered water tastes great thanks to the 4-in-1 EVOL-S Pro Filter. Water travels through the BWT multi-stage filter, so it is filtered five times through the cartridge. Limescale is reduced while metal content and other particles are removed. The result is PH balanced water for a perfect taste. There’s no need to purchase bottled water so your family can help reduce plastic waste. With so many impressive benefits, it’s no surprise that interest in this tap has been immense!

Where to buy your Blanco EVOL-S Pro Semi-Professional Tap

To find out more about the Blanco EVOL-S Pro Semi-Professional Tap, visit the Blanco Website. If you would like a demonstration of this tap, you are welcome to visit our showroom. Perhaps you are thinking about refurbishing your kitchen or upgrading your existing kitchen. If so, we can help. Please take a look at our kitchen design and kitchen fitting services. The Montana Kitchens showroom is located in Winchmore Hill, London N21 1BD. Call us on 020 8344 8500 or email to make an appointment.

Photography courtesy of Blanco.