Kosher Kitchens London

Montana Kitchens has experience of designing and fitting kosher kitchens in London and Greater London. We understand the importance of adhering to the segregation of meat and dairy food within the kitchen and dining space through to how the dishes and utensils are used, cleaned and stored. If you are looking for kosher kitchens which can be configured for your needs, our bespoke fitted kitchens offer endless possibilities. For a kosher fitted kitchen, kosher kitchen design ideas and Kosher Kitchens London, we can help.

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Bespoke Kosher Kitchens

We take into account the need for your dishes and cutlery to be stored separately, and this can be aided with independent cabinets and drawers. You may prefer to divide the kitchen into two parts, one for the meat and the other for dairy. This could be achieved with different colour kitchen cabinets if you wanted. You may wish to consider two of each kitchen appliance or larger options; two smaller fridges, double oven, a larger hob with more rings, two microwaves, double sink unit and two dishwashers or one stainless steel interior dishwasher instead. The configuration depends upon your requirements. We work with a number of manufacturers who provide flexible designs which can be tailor-made just for you.

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Design Styles for Kosher Kitchens

Montana Kitchens offers a wide range of kitchen styles from traditional kitchens to modern country kitchens and contemporary kitchens. With a diverse range of colours and finishes you can select the design which suits you whilst maintaining your kosher kitchen requirements.

Photography courtesy of Mereway.

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