Can stone or quartz composite worktops chip?

One of the most common questions I get asked about stone or composite worktops is: “can they chip”. The answer to this question is yes!

large chip on Silestone Gris Expo composite worktopAs careful as you can be in your kitchen, accidents can happen and I’ve seen my fair share of damage to worktops. The most common are chips around the sink area when a stone worktop is fitted to an under mounted sink. This kind of damage can happen when lowering heavy pots or pans into the sink and swiping the edge of the worktop.

I find that my clients making the change from a standard over the mounted sink to an under the mounted sink can take for granted that the edge of their existing worktop is protected by their sink. I always like to run through the pros and cons of under-mounted sinks with our clients so they can make the right decision for their requirements.

If you do get a chip in your stone worktop, then find the chip, and you may be able to adhere it back on. Call a local stone mason and ask if they offer this type of service.

Two small chips on Silestone Gris Expo Quartz worktop

You may find that leaving a chip may be the best option, especially on plain colour worktops. A repair might draw your attention to the damaged area more so then if you had a worktop with a pattern on it.

My advice when designing a kitchen is to order the biggest under mount sink you can; this will help prevent these types of chips. There are also beautiful over-mounted sinks on the market now so you can look at that as an option too.

Stone worktops are practical, easy to clean, come in hundreds of colours and will make your kitchen look stunning. They make up 90% of our worktop sales, just a little care is required when using your kitchen, and you will get many years of enjoyment, and hopefully chip free.

If you have any questions on this subject, then feel free to contact us, and I’ll do my best to answer them. Thanks for reading!