Quooker Instant Boiling Water Tap

At Montana Kitchens, we like to make your kitchen dreams come true. We work with all the best suppliers in the world to bring you all those fantastic little finishing touches like the new Instant Boiling Water Tap by Quooker. How amazing is that? No more boiling the kettle! Don’t worry because it’s entirely safe for use, is also very efficient and looks super stylish and ultra-sleek. Read on to find out more about this fantastic instant boiling water tap.

instant boiling water tap, making coffee

Make Coffee Quickly

Quooker Instant Boiling Water Tap

This Dutch invention is taking over the world, one tap at a time! If you love gadgets and convenience, you’ll just want to install this boiling hot water tap in your kitchen. Quooker is the world’s only 100°C boiling water tap which can replace your kettle. The options available are a separate boiling water tap which comes with a mixer tap. Otherwise, you can opt for the Quooker Fusion which is a solo tap used for dispensing hot, cold and boiling water – wow, now that’s certainly a great invention. Not only is it very functional but it also energy efficient, safe and comes in eight different designs with three finishes.

instant boiling water tap, quooker fusion square

Fusion Square Single Tap

Angie Montana, owner of Montana Kitchens, says – “We are always searching for new, innovative products for our customers, so we are delighted to be able to offer these fantastic taps. They really are the must-have invention of the year and the icing on the cake for any luxury kitchen.”

instant boiling water tap, quooker nordic round

Nordic Round Mixer Tap

These taps have certainly had their fair share of media attention by appearing on numerous TV cookery shows like MasterChef and all the various spin-off series. Quooker told us that John Torode even has one installed in his own home, as do many professional chefs and celebrities. Other TV cookery shows have included The Great British Bake Off, and all the spin-off shows, Saturday Kitchen and ITV Sunday Brunch. It makes sense that in a professional kitchen, boiling kettles is too time intensive and dangerous so boiling water on tap is essential rather than a luxury.

Instant Boiling Water Tap Benefits

This tap has many benefits, firstly the price to use this tap on standby is just 3p per day. It can be even more energy efficient if you choose the COMBI tank. Boiling a kettle takes a lot of energy so will be expensive compared to this price. You only use the hot water you need compared to running the tap until you get hot water or boiling a kettle with too much water in it. This tap means you can be more precise and waste less. The water will always be fresh thanks to the stainless steel tank with revolutionary vacuum insulation and thermos technology which holds water under pressure (so it does not boil) at 110°C. This means that every delivery is sterile, removing the risk of harmful bacteria such. The uses for this tap include; sterilising dummies, filling hot water bottles, making tea and coffee and endless quick cooking of food from noodles to asparagus and eggs plus plenty more ideas.

instant boiling water tap, making tea

Make Tea Quickly

The tap is safe to use. It is safer than a boiling kettle which could cause an injury if knocked over. This tap comes with a child-proof handle, and the sides are insulated so it will not feel hot if you touch it. The water flow is a fine spray rather than a solid jet, so you have time to move your hands out of the way.

Where to Buy Your Boiling Water Tap

To find out more about this tap visit the website at www.quooker.co.uk. If you are thinking about a new kitchen refurbishment or upgrading your existing kitchen, we can help you choose the right kitchen cabinets and kitchen finishing touches to suit your requirements. The Montana Kitchens showroom is located in Winchmore Hill, London N21 1BD. Please call us on 020 8344 8500 to make an appointment or email info@montanakitchens.co.uk; we’d love to hear from you.

Photography courtesy of Quooker.